Daisy – Filipina Bar Girl – Hot Fuck!


I have to quote what I found over at this excellent fan-blog (blog is dead :( ). This guy is closely following Monger John Trons Online Sex Diary to give you the latest reports on what John is up to.

Today Filipina Twats told us about Filipina Bar Girl Daisy. That post made me horny. ee, ok, not the post itself but what it contained.
A filmclip of Daisy and some pictures did.

Daisy is truly what I call a Dream Filipina Bar Girl. This is how I want them to look. Small Petite bodies, Tiny Asian Tits, perfect little Filipina butts. Not to young, not to old. (She’s 24).
John Tron gets what he wants. and this is a seriously hot fuck. And altough it doesn’t end in a Creampie, she sure takes the load in her mouth. This looks like a perfect Filipina Bar Girl to me.
Highly Recommended Stuff.

More Filipina Bar Girl & Asian Pussy <–HERE


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